Graduation Cord Order Form

Please fill out the form below to place an order for graduation cords for your state Youth and Government program. Orders will be placed on the second Monday in September, and set for delivery by no later than the first week of October each year.

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Cord Orders
Please indicate below (Yes/No) which types of cords you wish to order. When you select "Yes" for a certain type, you will be prompted to enter the quantity for that cord, and any other specific needs.

Single-cords ($1.65/cord) are for students who have completed at least 1 year in the program before graduating.

Price: $1.65 per cord

Double-cords ($3.05/cord) are meant to provide a distinction for students who have participated for 4+ years i.e. a high school students who has participated all 4 years (or more as a middle school student).

Price: $3.05 per cord

If you need to order another type of cord specific to your state, please select "yes" for this option and enter the details when prompted. Prices will vary based on preference.

Prices vary

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