2022 National Judicial Competition Intent Form

Please have one person from your state's Youth and Government program complete this intent form, even if your state does not intend to participate in NJC in 2022.
  • If you oversee multiple state programs, please fill out the form separately for EACH state.
  • We are asking for estimates; your final attendance numbers do not need to match this, but we appreciate the best guess you can possibly give us. Thanks!
2022 YMCA National Judicial Competition
August 1-4, 2022 | Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Registration Fee: $475
Includes: Lodging for 3 nights, 2 dinners, 1 group activity, event materials, trainings, meeting space, swag

Moot/Appellate Court: 2 students per team
Mock Trial: 5-8 students per team

Please note that NJC will abide by all local/state COVID-19 protocols, as well as Y-USA's national event policies.

Intent Form Deadline: Friday, February 4th, 2022
Intent to Participate

Which Youth and Government program do you represent?

Does your state plan to participate in NJC 2022 in Minneapolis, MN from August 1-4?

If your state is unsure or not planning to participate in NJC, is there any feedback you can provide the host committee that would help your state attend?
State Delegation Information

If your state intends to participate in NJC 2022, who will serve as your state's Delegation Director?

How many students do you anticipate bringing from your state?

How many adults do you anticipate bringing from your state?

We will be opening an application for Student Presiding Mock Trial Judges and Appellate Student Chief Justices. Do you think your state will have any Student Judges/Justices apply? These students should have experience in your state's judicial program.

Would you be interested in serving on the NJC Host Committee? Please note that committee members must be from a state program attending this year’s competition (Note: We will also be accepting applications for youth representatives on the Host Committee).

If you are interested in serving on the Host Commitee, which role(s) would you be interested in filling? Select all that apply.

Do you have any additional questions about NJC?