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Educating for Democracy Act - Student Sponsors

Please complete the form below to sign-up as a Student Sponsor for the Educating for Democracy Act (View the full House Bill and Senate Bill), an historic $1 billion investment in civics and history education.

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The bipartisan Education for Democracy Act is a federal bill creating grants to states, non-profits, institutions of higher education, and civic education researchers to support and expand access to civics and history education.

By signing-on as a sponsor, you'll be invited to take part in 3 virtual experiences, culminating with meeting your US Representatives and Senators to advocate for their support of the bill.

There is no limit to the number of student sponsors per state or congressional district (share with your friends at school and around the community!), and we hope to identify sponsors from all 435 districts around the country.

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Sponsorship Deadline: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 (Extended!)
Sponsor Information

To find your Congressional District, US Representative, and US Senators (2 per state), please use the link below:

Student Sponsor Agreement
By checking the box below, you agree to serve as a Student Sponsor in your local community and congressional district. You will be listed as a sponsor on an official letter to Congress, and invited to take part in three virtual experiences in March and April.

Sponsorship Statement
As a Student Sponsor, you have the opportunity to provide a Sponsor Statement that can be shared with Members of Congress and their staff, as well as local, state, and national media. Keep your statements in support of the bill to 3-5 sentences in length.

You can review the full text of the bill as introduced during the 116th Congress, as well as a summary of its provisions, at the links below:

Reps. DeLauro (D-CT) & Cole (R-OK) Summary
Sens. Coons (D-DE) & Cornyn (R-TX) Summary
House Bill TextSenate Bill Text

Please keep your statement in support of the bill to 3-5 sentences in length.
Virtual Code of Conduct
By adding your digital signature below (and a parent/guardian's signature for sponsors in middle or high school), you agree to adhere to the Virtual Code of Conduct.

Violations of this code - or the code of conduct from your own local/state YMCA programs - can result in your removal from participation in future virtual and non-virtual programming.

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