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Modeled on the National Governors Association, this year-round support network will help Youth Governors connect with resources, training, partners, and networks they'll need to serve as effective leaders of your state programs.

You can view the tentative 2020-2021 Annual Calendar for the Youth Governors Association at the link below:

Please complete this profile form by Friday, August 14th, 2020.
Personal Information

Non-school email addresses, please!

What is your local YMCA? Check at www.ymca.net/find-your-y/

Are you a member of your local YMCA?

What is your home Congressional District, and who is your U.S. Representative in Congress? Please use your home address to find your district: www.govtrack.us/congress/members/map

Please upload a profile photo (JPEG files preferred) cropped to a square. Images should be from shoulder-up and in business/business casual attire.
State Director Confirmation
Please enter the contact information for your Youth and Government State Director or the YMCA Program Staff Member who will confirm your participation in the Youth Governors Association. 

Your State Director/Staff Member will also receive the confirmation email that your profile has been submitted!

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Parent/Guardian Information

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YGA Roundtable/Family Group
In addition to our monthly YGA workshop/meeting, you will be assigned to one of 5 roundtables/family groups based on your preferred policy area of focus (based on the NGA's 5 Policy Divisions).

Your roundtable/family will meet once a month (you'll schedule your meeting day/time as a group) for updates on their respective policy area from an NGA staff mentor, informal group discussion, personal development goals, and relationship-building/networking.

While we will do our best to honor everyone's first preferences, please choose a second roundtable preference that you'd also be excited to join!

YGA Monthly Meetings
As outlined in our YGA Annual Calendar (www.ymcayag.org/yga/calendar), we will have one (1) monthly meeting of the YGA, including a workshop on a specific skill/topic. These 90-minute sessions will be supplemented by a once-a-month meeting of your roundtable/family group, and a town hall with a different Governor each month.

To ensure we have as close to full participation in our monthly YGA meetings as possible, please indicate which of the day/time options work for you - select all that apply:

Select all days/times when you are available. If you are not available for any of these days/times, please select "None" and indicate what day/time would work for you.

Please add any day(s) and time(s) when you would be available.
Youth Governor Policy Platform
As Youth Governor, what are your top three specific state policy issues that you'd like to see addressed by your peers through legislation at your state conference?

Please be as narrow/specific as possible (Example: "addressing police department contracts with school systems" rather than "school safety")

What is your first policy issue?

What is your second policy issue?

What is your third policy issue?
Youth Governor Program Priorities
As Youth Governor, what are your top three priorities/goals for your Youth and Government program?

What is your first program priority?

What is your second program priority?

What is your third program priority?
Profile Questions

Use EXACTLY 6 words (not one word more or less!)

What is one random fact most people don't know about you?

What is a favorite quote that we can include in your profile?

Who is a leader you admire and look to as an example for your leadership style, and why?

What does servant leadership mean to you, and how do you hope to practice it as Youth Governor?

What are some skills you hope to gain as a member of the Youth Governors Association? 

Outside of the Y and Youth and Government, what OTHER passions and interests are you involved in? Athletics, Extracurriculars, Hobbies, Jobs, Faith/Religious Groups, Personal Interests, etc. 

Thank you for submitting your profile for the Youth Governors Association! A confirmation email will be sent to your State Director once you hit submit, and you'll be redirected to www.ymcayag.org. We will also email you a copy of your responses to ensure there are no errors before publishing our YGA Director.