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Changemakers Institute Panelist Sign-up

The final component of the Changemakers Institute is your Initiative Presentation, which will showcase the work you have done so far on your initiative and serve as the capstone of your Changemaker Certification. 

Using the form below, indicate which presentation format you would prefer: panel, recording, or written summary. 
Panelist Information

Panel Presentation Format
All panels will be held on Google Meet and will be recorded for participants. Panelists will hear four (4) presentations as part of each hour-long commitment: 

1. Student Presentation - 5 minutes for student to present their initiative
2. Panel Q&A - 5 minutes to ask questions following the student's presentation.
3. Panel Recommendations - 5 minutes to offer "next steps" and potential ways forward for the student on their initiative this coming fall.

Panelists can participate during as many time slots as you'd like, so please select all that apply to you. Whether you're signing up for one panel or multiple, we are incredibly grateful!

Panels will be scheduled for 15-minute segment during each hour time slot. Example: If you select 3-4pm ET, you will serve on panels scheduled for 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, and 3:45 ET.