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Initiative Presentation Sign-up

The final component of the Changemakers Institute is your Initiative Presentation, which will showcase the work you have done so far on your initiative and serve as the capstone of your Changemaker Certification. 

Using the form below, indicate which presentation format you would prefer: panel, recording, or written summary. 
Presentation Information

You can find your Cohort & Roundtable assignments here: Cohort & Roundtable Roster Spreadsheet

Please give a 1-3 sentence overview of your initiative.

If you have any other notes or comments about your presentation, please put them here!

Presentation Format Options

1. Panel Presentation - 5 min. presentation, 5 min. Q&A, 5 min. for recommended next steps
2. Recorded Video Presentation - 5 min. presentation submitted by uploading file to your Portfolio
3. Written Summary - 500 word (max) summary submitted by uploading file to your Portfolio

Panel Presentations will take place August 13-20
Recordings & Written Summaries will also be due by Thursday, August 20th.

By selecting a preferred hour time block, your presentation will be scheduled for one 15-minute segment during that hour. Example - if you select 3-4pm ET, your panel would be scheduled for 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, or 3:45 ET.

You will not be required to attend for the full hour - only your scheduled time slot.

Please make sure you are available for BOTH of your preferred panel dates/times, in case we have to go with your second preference. All times listed are in Eastern Time (ET).