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Changemaker Cohort Team

As part of our YMCA Changemakers Institute, our student participants will be divided into Changemaker Cohorts, with cohorts assigned based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal and initiative topic chosen by each participant. These cohorts are a collaborative, face-to-face virtual space for participants once a week.

We are mobilizing a team of YMCA staff who would be interested in facilitating one of our cohorts throughout the Institute. This would be a once a week, 1-2 hour commitment. We will be providing all of the technology, facilitation guides, and resources, along with a student "Cohort Captain" who will help facilitate the cohort alongside you.

Interested staff can also sign-up to serve as a staff observer for our Mentor Roundtables, which will connect 10-12 of our participants with 1-2 YMCA Alumni Mentor(s) for reflection/debrief and informal conversations about career paths, professional development, and networking.
Staff Information

Cohort Meeting Availability & Preferences

Each of our Changemaker Cohorts will meet ONCE per week, on either Tuesday OR Wednesday, starting on Tuesday, June 16th. You can see the full calendar of cohort meetings for the Institute at our website:


We'll be assigning at least 1 YMCA staff member to each cohort (or more than 1, if we have enough interest).

Here are the time slots that will be available to our cohorts each day. Please indicate whether you would be available or unavailable, so we don't assign you to a time with a conflict.

Additionally, as we assign staff to each of our cohorts, we'd love to know which UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) you are interested in so we pair you with students working on those issues:

If you have any background on why you'd prefer the SDGs you choose, let us know!
Mentor Roundtable Availability
Our Mentor Roundtables will take place on Friday afternoons (unless the mentor and participants are interested in scheduling another day of the week). These 30-45 minute informal sessions are meant to provide a space for reflection/debrief and informal conversations about career paths, professional development, and networking.

As a staff member, you'd just be asked to observe the session and help ensure things are flowing smoothly with the mentors and students. Scheduling for these can also be more flexible, so we'll reach out to interested staff once our mentors confirm their availability.