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Seminar Speaker Sign-up Form

Sign-up to serve as an Unmuted or Challenge Speaker for one of our upcoming Changemaker Institute Seminars!

Participants are allowed to submit requests for both roles (you need to submit the form separately for each request), but will only be able to serve as a speaker once to provide opportunities for as many speakers as possible.
Participant Information

Speaker Sign-up Information
At the beginning and ending of each of our Institute Seminars, we will offer participants a chance to open and close the session with a message to their peers:

Unmuted - The first voice during each seminar will be our Umuted Speaker. Interested participants should prepare a 1-3 minute message they want to share. These can come in different types of forms - speeches, songs, poems, reflections - your creativity and passion can drive what you wish to share. This Institute is a platform for YOUR voice, and Unmuted is an opportunity to share with everyone.

Initiative Spotlight - As you begin to implement your initiatives in your communities, we want to highlight the work you are doing to all of our participants. You'll have 3-5 minutes to give us an update on your progress, and then we'll take 2-3 questions from fellow participants to provide feedback.

Challenge - The final voice during each seminar will be our Challenge Speaker. Interested participants should prepare a 1-3 minute message that includes a specific "challenge" to their peers. These challenges should be simple, small, and outside of the work we're already doing in the Institute (ex: write a letter or message to a former teacher thanking them, sign a certain petition, offer support to an elderly neighbor, etc.)

In this section, please give an overview of the message you want to share as a speaker.