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YMCA Youth Voter Champions

We're challenging students, educators, YMCA staff, and volunteers around the country to sign-up as Youth Voter Champions who will help us transform youth voter participation in their communities.

Please sign-up to become a champion using the form below, and ask your peers/colleagues to sign-up, too!
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Need help finding your county/local elections website? Use this US Vote Foundation Guide

Phase 1: Youth Voting Advocacy
Phase 1 involves sending advocacy letters to your state's Chief Elections Officials, as well as an Administrator at your High School or College (for champions currently enrolled as high school or college students).

For High Schools, we recommend your Principal, and for Colleges we recommend your Dean of Students or College/University President! 

Select your state's Chief Elections Official to learn about the advocacy asks for your specific state:

Good news! Your state already has a Youth Voter Registration Award - see the list of awards here. For your email template, you'll select:

"State With Award: My state already has a Youth Voter Registration Award"

Your state does not currently have a Youth Voter Registration Award. For your email template, you'll select:

"State Without Award: My state does NOT have a Youth Voter Registration Award."

North Dakota doesn't require voter registration. For your email template, you'll select:

"My state doesn't require voter registration, but I'll advocate for youth voter inclusion."

Select after viewing the advocacy ask for your specific state.
Phase 2: Youth Poll Worker Pledge
Phase 2 involves recruiting a new generation of youth poll workers and advocating for "Youth at the Booth" by making 16 the universal age for poll worker eligibility.

Before completing our Youth Poll Worker Pledge, please check your eligibility to serve as a Poll Worker in that state you'll be living in this fall.

Use one or both of the resources below to confirm eligibility:

Phase 3: Mobilization & Registration
Phase 3 involves mobilizing our voter registration efforts, starting with the Mobilization & Registration Guide with resources from our partners at The Civics Center.

In September (National Voter Registration Month), we'll put our registration plans into action during two nationwide voter registration celebrations:

Sponsored by our partners at The Civics Center

Sponsored by our partners at NonProfit Vote
Phase 4: Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
Phase 4 brings us to the finish line, when we'll boost youth voter turnout during National Voter Education Week, Vote Early Day, and our YMCA Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts: