Youth Advocate State Alliance Call

Deadline: Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT.

The Youth Advocate and YMCA State Alliance call is designed to facilitate introductions between Youth Advocates and Alliances staff who will be attending National Advocacy Days.

The information you gather from this call will be necessary to complete your final assignment - your Action Plan for Advocacy Days. If you have any questions, please email Derek at

Please list the names and roles/titles of everyone who participated in your call, including any fellow Youth Advocates, YMCA Staff, YMCA Volunteers, etc.
Introductions & Alliance Overview

Introductions by Youth Advocates & State Alliance Staff, including how you got involved with the Y and any other stories you’d like to share.

How does your State Alliance function and serve the Y’s in your state? Who from your State Alliance (and YMCAs around your state) will be joining you in DC for National Advocacy Days?

What materials did your State Alliance share to help you better understand the impact of the Y across your state? These can include: State Alliance Community Benefit Statements, Brochures, Annual Reports, etc.
Advocacy Days Planning

Your state has 2 US Senators and (Your State’s #) US Representatives. You will have time on Wednesday (3/4) and Thursday (3/5) of Advocacy Days to schedule Hill Meetings with their offices. Some states will have time to request meetings with all offices, while larger states will focus on a smaller group of offices.

When your state requests a meeting with the US Representative who represents one of your Youth Advocates, would you like your Youth Advocate to assist with the request?

Will your State Alliance attend all meetings together as one group, or will you be breaking-up into teams to visit more offices? (Make sure Youth Advocates know which team they are with if you divide and conquer).
Youth Advocate Role During Hill Meetings
During our final Training Call, you will be briefed about our 2020 Y-USA Federal Legislative Priorities. You will select one (1) priority that you’d like to research and advocate for in their Hill Meeting Action Plan.

You'll weave your priority into the “script” you prepare as part of your action plan to share during meetings: outlining your personal Y-Story, explaining how your story connects to your chosen priority, then transition to the “ask” for that priority.

Note: Some alliances allow Youth Advocates to talk about their chosen priority by themselves, while others use your portion as an introduction, then segue to input from additional members of their delegation. We encourage each state to choose a strategy that works for them!

In addition to this role during your Hill Meetings, here are a few other questions to discuss on the call:

Do you have any state alliance or local association priorities that your alliance wants to address in your Hill Meetings at National Advocacy Days? Discuss them so Youth Advocates can be prepared to understand each one when they’re mentioned during Advocacy Days.

Do Youth Advocates have any personal connections or experiences related to these state/local priorities that they’d like to talk about during Hill Meetings? If so, would you like your Youth Advocates to take any role in talking about these priorities?

Do your YMCAs have existing connections or relationships to their members of Congress (program alumni, former staff, current Y members or board members, etc.) Do your Youth Advocates have any existing connections/relationships on the Hill? Do any members of your state alliance delegation have special requests for their Representatives or Senators?

How would you like your Hill Meetings to be organized? Example questions: Will someone leadoff meetings? Is there an order to priorities? When would you like Youth Advocates to take their turns speaking on their story and/or priority?

Remember that your State Alliances will also have time at Advocacy Days to review the flow of meetings with Youth Advocates and other members of your delegation, so your responses to this question can just be your initial preferences.