YMCA Youth Advocate Program Application 2020

Please submit your application by no later than 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.
Student Information

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Emergency Contact Information
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Health & Medical Information
This information will be used to place meal orders and ensure a safe/healthy environment for all participants, so pleasure ensure your responses are accurate and up to date.

Example: Vegan, Vegetarian, Food Allergies, No Dairy, etc.

Examples: Wheel chair accessibility
YMCA Program Experience
Please indicate if you participate (or have participated) in each of these YMCA programs.

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Including this year.

Including this year.

If you participate in a YMCA program not listed in this section, please list the program(s) here.
Application Questions
Your responses to these questions help us understand who you are as an applicant, so please answer as authentically as possible (250-500 words per response, please).

Tip: It is safer to type and save your Application Responses as a file on your computer, then cut and paste your answers into each field below. This way you won't lose your responses if there is an internet connectivity issue!

Please share a story about a pivotal moment in your life that influenced who you are today, how you see yourself, or who you aspire to become?

What role have you played in your school or community to advance a cause, bring about change, or raise awareness on an issue. Why did you decide to become an advocate in this situation?

The Y has announced a new strategic plan focusing on "developing a new generation of changemakers who will create communities we all want to live in." What are some specific actions/steps that you would take in YOUR community to make it a place "we all want to live in?"
YMCA Legislative Priorities

Each year, the YMCA of the USA sets a list of federal Legislative Priorities. You can review these priorities at: www.ymcayag.org/federal-priorities

From this list of priorities, which priority do you connect with the most and how can your voice help advance this priority. Please tell us why.

Thank you for applying to serve as a Youth Advocate at our 2020 YMCA National Advocacy Days! A confirmation email will be sent to you once you hit submit.